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Helicopter Landing Zone Kit

Helicopter Landing Zone Kit

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Introducing our Helicopter Landing Zone Kit, a must-have for emergency response in Alberta and BC, Canada. Perfect for directing STARS helicopters during rescue operations. Enhance safety and efficiency with:

  • LED Flares with Pegs: Clear visibility in all conditions.
  • LED Traffic Wands: Precise communication during critical moments.
  • Hi-Visibility Safety Vest: Optimal visibility for ground personnel.
  • Set of Ear Protection: Minimize rotor noise impact.
  • Set of Safety Glasses with Cord: Eye protection against debris.
  • STARS Landing Zone Instructions: Seamless coordination for rescue operations.
  • Waterproof Gear Bag: Durable storage and transportation.

Our kit is tailored for emergency response, boosting your team's preparedness in critical situations. Invest in safety and efficiency – purchase your Helicopter Landing Zone Kit today. Trusted in emergency response products, ensuring you're ready for every situation.

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