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Standard Roadblock Kit

Standard Roadblock Kit

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Introducing our Standard Roadblock Kit, a comprehensive bundle designed for effective roadblock operations during emergencies. Whether responding to a gas pipeline leak or other critical situations, this kit equips personnel with essential tools for efficient traffic control. Enhance safety and visibility with the following key components:

  • Rotating LED Beacon Light: Featuring a padded magnetic base for secure placement.
  • LED Traffic Wand: Batteries included for immediate use, ensuring visibility in all conditions.
  • Stop / Slow Traffic Sign: Direct traffic with ease using this durable and highly visible sign.
  • Pop-up Traffic Cone: Quickly deployable for instant roadblock setup.
  • 5 Point Tear-Away High Visibility Reflective Traffic Safety Vest: Prioritize safety with this tear-away vest.
  • 150 Foot Flagging Tape Roll: Clearly mark boundaries and alert drivers with this long-lasting tape.
  • Waterproof Gear Bag: Conveniently store and transport the kit with ease.

Our Standard Roadblock Kit is your go-to solution for road closure scenarios. Equip your personnel with reliable and high-visibility tools to ensure effective traffic control during emergencies. Purchase the Standard Roadblock Kit today and stay prepared for any situation. Your trusted partner in emergency response products, providing the tools you need for safe and efficient roadblock operations.

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